admoments Digital Platform

admoments makes billboards change as you walk past displaying your best pout with offers you’ll love & an app that learns about you. admoments turns boring irrelevant digital screen ads on its head. It’s now about the consumer’s interests.

admoments is one of the most exciting things you’ll see in retail advertising, imagine seeing your face and name on digital billboards as you walk through shopping centres with offers of things you love, in your size, in your price range, at the right time, in the right place. admoments is a 3 way platform. It is a microlocation app that allows the consumer to pick up and redeem offers at nearby retailers who have installed our iBeacons.

The admoments digital screens pick up passersby using the app and is able to display adverts and products relevant to those nearest to the screens or walking towards it. Each screen learns about the passerby and passes information to the next screen to better engage the approaching consumer. With every step a person takes the entire platform works together to maximise the engagement potential by switching products, categories and strategies to learn what makes that consumer tick. It can pinpoint influencers in a crowd and engage them. It can target those more likely to respond and tease those who won’t until it can get their attention. It doesn’t stop there, it can then offer a time-to-redeem for each consumer live on their mobile to create a sense of urgency and stimulate impulsive purchases. It’s like snapchat for offers!

Retailers can see who’s in-store and communicate directly with the consumers and see analytics and engagement demographics and can target passing customers more effectively. Everyone wins!

We’re about to disrupt advertising forever and revive the highstreet. admoments is one of the most exciting ventures in the offline world which will help bridge the online and offline experience.

Teens love it, it’s the ultimate platform that makes them feel important and gives retailers the opportunity to engage the right customer at the right time.

It blurs the boundaries of advertising and entertainment and truly delivers the future of automated marketing for all types of advertisers. It takes ineffective and expensive broadcast advertising and turns it into low cost immersive engagement marketing. It increases your advertising ROI while de-risking your investment with our world-first offline Cost-Per-Engagement pricing model.

Welcome to the world of MeCommerce, now not only does the world truly revolve around the consumer, it also evolves around them too.

There’s more we want to tell you but we need to wait for the go-ahead from our patent lawyers before we can make it public!

What you see is only the beginning. What we are building behind closed doors is truly mind-blowing. We can’t wait to show the world how exciting it’s about to get!

Mind-blowing, mind-boggling technology that has gotten even the toughest of marketing and advertising execs excited.

Contact us today to be a part of our journey! We’d love to have you on board.